Froebel Trust

Brand and website for a pioneering trust

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Highlighting the importance of early years education

Named after Friedrich Froebel, the inventor of kindergartens, the Froebel Trust funds research into children’s learning from birth to eight years and supports high quality early education.

Red Stone was commissioned to create a new website and refreshed brand, to highlight learning and experimenting through play, which is at the heart of the Trust’s approach.

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What we delivered

– Brand development
– Brand guidelines
– Website
– Reporting
– Infographics and icons
– Social assets
– Templates

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The new visual language is inspired by children’s wooden play bricks and colours from the outdoors. These support a refreshed logo that represents childhood growth.

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Creating a coherent digital approach

To maximise brand effectiveness online, we devised a design system to ensure that all content complies with the new visual identity. Colour, typography, iconography and an extensive UI component library all help establish a coherent digital experience.

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