Comprehensive redesign of all badges across Girlguiding


Comprehensive redesign of all badges across Girlguiding


A new design approach

More than a hundred years after the movement began, Red Stone worked with Girlguiding on its biggest overhaul ever – including a redesign of its iconic badges and activities – to create a fresh and inspiring visual approach that is relevant to girls’ lives now. 

As part of the project Red Stone redesigned all 187 badges for Rainbows, Brownies, Guides and Rangers.

  • Red Stone Girlguiding All Section Interest Badges
  • Red Stone Girlguiding Rangers Interest Badge Badge Animation
  • Red Stone Girlguiding Rainbows Interest Badge Storyteller
  • Red Stone Girlguiding Brownies Interest Badge Space
  • Red Stone Girlguiding Guides Interest Badge Mixology

A new badge system

The new programme of activities is divided into interest badges, skills builders, group activities and awards, all developed around six themes: Skills for my Future, Have Adventures, Be Well, Know Myself, Express Myself and Take Action. 

  • Gir Badges 1400X940 Interest Mindfulness
  • Gir Badges 1400X940 Interest My Rights
  • Gir Badges 1400X940 Interest Festival Goer
  • Gir Badges 1400X940 Interest Agility
  • Gir Badges 1400X940 Interest Inventing
  • Gir Badges 1400X940 Interest Construction

Interest badges

New categories of interest badges under each theme include entrepreneur, inventing, navigator, animation and human rights – and activities – including survival skills, DIY, coding and 3D craft and design.

What badges mean to members

The creative team at Red Stone spent much of last summer touring the country with Girlguiding to get input from girls from different areas and age groups.

The members said that the badges are much more than simply marking the end of a task – the badges represent an intensely personal experience and memories, and they are the physical embodiment of the time the girls spend in the Girlguiding movement.

Skills builders and Theme awards

Across the six themes of the new programme: Skills for my Future, Have Adventures, Be Well, Know Myself, Express Myself and Take Action; girls can try their hand at everything from Aviation, to Archaeology and Digital Design. 

They can learn and develop their first aid skills to be able to react to any scenario, as well as learn how to put up a tent or build a shelter.

  • Gir Badges 1400X940 Skills Builder 1
  • Badges 1400X940 Skills Builder Have Adventures Gif 2
  • Gir Badges 1400X940 Theme Awards All Guides 1
  • Badges 1400X940 Theme Award Skills Future Gif

Gold award

The Gold award is a very special achievement – and there's one for each section: Rainbows, Brownies, Guides and Rangers.

During the consultation members agreed that such a special award should be metal rather than woven. We visited the manufacturers during the design stages, to ensure the badges were as awesome as they could be.

  • Badges 1400X940 Gif Gold R
  • Badges 1400X940 Gif Gold

Anniversary badges

To celebrate membership of Girlguiding, we created 15 anniversary badges for members to collect during their time as a Rainbow, Brownie, Guide or Ranger.

  • Badges 1400X940 Anniversary Gif
  • Richs Photos Process 01
  • Richs Photos Process 02
  • Richs Photos Process 04
  • Richs Photos Process 03
  • Richs Photos Process 06
  • Richs Photos Process 05


"Red Stone have done an amazing job in helping us to update our programme products and badges, and their work supports our mission to create opportunities for every girl in a way that is exciting, inspiring and relevant for their lives." 

Kat Lee, Girlguiding Head of Youth Programmes


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