Bank of England

A new approach to public engagement

Bank of England

A new approach to public engagement

Selected projects

A unique institution

We have worked with the Bank of England since the summer of 2013. Since then, the Bank has a new strategy which we helped to launch in 2014.

What we do

Annual reports
Art direction
Brand development
Identity guidelines
Internal comms
Multi-language materials
Public awareness materials

Art Direction

We plan and art direct shoots at both the Bank and the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA). These range from portraits of key staff to reportage and specialist architectural photography.


We design and produce the Bank and PRA’s annual reports. We also produce other reports such as research and Human Resources reports.

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We created a new identity for the Bank's Museum. This involved extending the current identity guidelines to include a new font, imagery and a number of toolkits for the use by the Bank's publications team.


As well as helping to launch the Bank's new strategy 2014, we helped them to celebrate the anniversary of the Strategy with an exhibition in the Oak Room at the Bank, comprising over fifty large-scale panels along with iPad graphics for surveys, polls and other feedback from staff.


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