Behavioral change campaign for a national charity


Behavioral change campaign for a national charity


Encouraging outdoor activities

Outdoor activities have a proven positive effect on mental health. So how do we get people outside?

Ecominds is a campaign to promote outdoor activities, such as gardening or walking, that have been proven to have a positive effect on mental health. Red Stone was commissioned to develop an identity for the campaign and a wide range of online and offline materials.

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Red Stone developed a central message to the campaign ‘Feel better outside, feel better inside’, created a seasonal look and feel, and wrote copy that was mindful of the challenges many people face. The materials were market researched around the UK, with very positive feedback. We then developed the theme, through a choice of seasonal imagery and activities to take the user through the year. Materials created include posters, an online ‘Outdoor activity pack’, a bespoke Facebook page and a nature-themed photographic competition.

Feedback from Mind has been very positive and the campaign continues to run with the changing seasons.

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