Creating new handbooks for Girlguiding


Creating new handbooks for Girlguiding


A new design approach

More than a hundred years after the movement began, Red Stone worked with Girlguiding on its biggest overhaul ever – including a redesign of its iconic badges and activities – to create a fresh and inspiring visual approach that is relevant to girls’ lives now. 

As part of the project Red Stone designed the new section handbooks for Rainbows, Brownies, Guides and Rangers.

  • Sh 1400X940 Brownies Pg2
  • Sh 1400X940 Rainbows Pg3
  • Sh 1400X940 Rainbows Illustrations 01
  • Sh 1400X940 Rainbows Illustrations
  • Sh 1400X940 Rainbows Pg22
  • Sh 1400X940 Brownies Pg1
  • Sh 1400X940 Brownies Pg17
  • Sh 1400X940 Brownies Illustrations 01
  • Sh 1400X940 Brownies Illustrations 03
  • Sh 1400X940 Brownies Pg3

Section handbooks

The new programme of badges and activities includes a range of topics, skills and interest areas and the section handbooks outline what it means to be a Rainbow, Brownie, Guide or Ranger. 

To avoid the handbooks appearing too formulaic or ‘text booky’ – each spread was looked at and crafted individually, to ensure it maximised the experience.

All illustrations were created in-house at Red Stone, and were tested at Girlguiding unit meetings, summer camps and jamborees across the UK.

  • Handbooks 1400X940 Presentation 1 5
  • Sh 1400X940 Guides Illustrations 06
  • Sh 1400X940 Guides Illustrations 05
  • Handbooks 1400X940 Presentation 1 4
  • Sh 1400X940 Guides Pg14
  • Handbooks 1400X940 Presentation 1 10
  • Handbooks 1400X940 Presentation 1 11
  • Sh 1400X940 Rangers Pg26 1
  • Handbooks 1400X940 Presentation 1 0


“Red Stone have done an amazing job in helping us to update our programme products and badges, and their work supports our mission to create opportunities for every girl in a way that is exciting, inspiring and relevant for their lives.”

Kat Lee, Girlguiding Head of Youth Programmes 


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