Collectiv Food

A better way to source

Collectiv Food

A better way to source

Reimagining food supply for a new age

Collectiv Food is reimagining the food supply chain, creating a fairer system that removes unnecessary intermediaries and reconnects producers and buyers.

To help the company sharpen its offer, Red Stone were brought on board to deliver a comprehensive brand review.

Through a series of workshops and interviews, we established a set brand principles centred around transparency, quality and sustainability.

This work provided the foundation for a new identity designed to set Collectiv Food apart from the traditional big players in the sector and create some noise in an often traditional market.

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Transparency at every stage

Building on the principle of transparency and derived from the logo, Red Stone created a bold graphic approach that puts produce front and centre.

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  • Cfo 1400Px 940Px Billboard

Beyond the expected

A modular illustration style was developed to further expand the brand's visual language and offer a fresh, playful way to communicate with an industry awash with food imagery.

  • Cfo 1400Px 940Px Brand Illustration
  • Cfo Portrait Poster 2
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  • Cfo 1400Px 940Px Cow Illustration
  • Cfo 1400Px 940Px Stickers

Bringing it all together

As part of the brand roll-out, Red Stone have continued to work alongside Collectiv Food, producing a range of materials from digital applications to large format signage to bring the brand to life.

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  • Cfo I Phone Xr All Colors Mockup Shape H1880V
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